Albert M. Joring

Albert M. Joring joined Workforceph in 2014. He was deployed to Conti’s in Trinoma as a Janitor. He performed his regular maintenance duties for the restaurant every day that he was on the job.


On one particular day as he was cleaning up, he noticed a package and a cellphone, an iphone 6, which seems to have been left behind by a customer. He immediately gave the package and the cellphone to the restaurant manager. Upon inspection, the package contained Php 26,000. Eventually, the customer returned to Conti’s and was greatly relieved to get back the package and the cellphone, and was infinitely grateful to Albert. Good work Albert, we are proud of you!

Danilo C. Redubla, Jr. and Daniel Dellaban

What does it take to be a good delivery rider? Of course, you must be familiar with the routes you service. You must also be a skilled driver of your motorcycle to get the goods to the customer as soon as possible without delay and in good condition.

You must be courteous to the customers, ensure the accuracy of payments and remit the same as instructed. Well, two such Riders are quite good indeed, Danilo C. Redubla, Jr. and Daniel Dellaban.

Both Daniel and Danilo have proven to be among the best, no complaints from clients as well as client customers. We are proud of you!

Danilo Crisostomo

Versailles is a 75-hectare prime property currently being developed into a high-end subdivision. Danilo Crisostomo has been assigned to Versailles since 2006 as company driver. For the last 10 years he has been dedicatedly delivering commendable support in his function as company driver while construction works are ongoing.

According to him, his unwavering dedication stems from the fact that he is quite content with his place of assignment, and he is thankful for Workforceph’s consistent way of managing people and ensuring that all mandatory compensation and benefits are complied with. Thank you for appreciating Workforceph Danilo.

We are grateful for your dedication. Workforceph had its traditional Annual Awards last month in recognition of the best performers of 2016. For the prestigious Award for Good Deeds, 2016 awardees were Albert M. Joring. Danilo C. Redubla Jr., Daniel Dellaban and Danilo Crisostomo. Each one received a Certificate of Merit, Cash Award and timely groceries for the season. Congratulations to all of you. May your kind multiply. Keep up the good work and more power this 2017 and beyond. We are very, very proud of all of you!